Hidden Treasures Could Be In Your Home

Many East Texans are going through their coins carefully these days. There is a Wisconsin state quarter in circulation with a flaw in it. A mark that appears to be an extra leaf on the cornstalk. And if you have one it can be worth up to six hundred dollars. That error makes the twenty-five cent piece much more valuable. In fact, most coins with errors are worth a pretty penny.

"All of these coins... error coins, they just made a few of them and the demand is great. And the supply is limited. Then the price goes up." says Bob Fenley with Coins and Collectibles in Lufkin. A 1922 penny, because it's missing the letter indicating where it was minted, is worth five hundred dollars itself.

So, do you think you may have one of the rare Wisconsin quarters? Fenley says apparently, a lot of us do.

"The amount of phone calls I've been getting today, if half the people think they have the error coin that they may think they have, it's not going to be very rare around here it looks like."

Coins aren't the only treasure trove we could have in our homes. How about your kid's comic books? Some could fetch some serious cash. But why?

"They'll have the first appearance of a new superhero or something. Like in "The Hulk", you have the first appearance of the Wolverine character. That comic's worth a whole lot more than all the one's preceding it or after it." says Donny Musick with Hero Connection in Lufkin.

The "Hulk" comic Musick is talking about is worth up to $450. The comic featuring the first appearance of superman can be worth up to $440,000.

"There's a lot of collectors that won't even open them. They buy two. They buy one to read and one to keep, it's unreal."

It doesn't stop there. A certain Batman action figure retailing at eleven dollars two months ago, is already worth twenty-fiveust because not as many of him were produced as the others.

It makes you think twice before cleaning your kid's room.