Code Inspectors Crack Down On Nasty Neighbors

Whether it's for a worn out water heater an abandoned automobile or wild weeds, the code inspections office in Lufkin writes up close to 300 property owners a month.  Surprisingly, only a few don't see anything wrong with having an illegal junk yard on their property.

There's a long list of violations inspectors look for when they cruise around town, and in the end, it's the property owner who pays.  Not having enough time to mow your yard may not seem like a big deal, but if the weed or grass in your front yard gets higher than a foot, you're in violation of the city code.

"We mow the property and send the owner a bill, and if the bill's not paid then we place a lien on the property," said Tara Baldwin-Jones.

Code inspectors say most people are quick to clean up after being written up, but there are a few who refuse to comply, and those people face hefty fees and fines.

Those fines and fees can end up costing you a pretty penny.  Once you find out about your violation, you have ten days to take care of it.  Code inspectors are always willing to work with anyone who needs more time to clean up their mess.

If you have a nasty neighbor, there is something you can do and your neighbor doesn't have to find out about it.

"They should call our office," Baldwin-Jones said.  "They can remain anonymous and just report the violation, the address and have an accurate description of the violation."

Despite a small staff of three for the entire city of Lufkin, code inspectors investigate every single complaint about property onwers in violation of the city code.  Unfortunately, if you own a large amount of land and someone dumps junk on your property, you are still responsible for getting the mess cleaned up.