Lancewood Circle residents concerned over yellow tap water

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

Residents in the Deep East Texas community of Lancewood Circle are concerned with the condition of their tap water. Residents say for the past month, instead of being clear, the water has gone through cycles of colors - from yellow to clear, clear to green, and green to dark brown.

"We just want something to be done about it because it can't be safe to our kids, our pets, or even our gardens. It affects everything," said Hollea Godwin, Lancewood Circle resident.

Godwin said it's even affected the way she and her family keep clean.

"You go quickly as you can. I've actually started making my children take showers instead of baths because I don't want them sitting in the water too long because you don't know; you don't know what's in it," Godwin said.

Godwin said when the water sits in her bathtub too long, it leaves behind a gritty texture, similar to that of sand.

Woodlawn Water Company distributes water to Lancewood. Godwin has reached out to them, but she received few answers..

"They say, 'Yes, it's safe to drink,' and that's all they will tell us. They won't speak anymore about it," Godwin said. When asked if she believed that statement from Woodlawn, she said "No, no I don't believe that one bit. Yellow water can't be safe to drink."

We spoke to Tom Tayloe, the office manager at Woodlawn. Tayloe told us the water is, in fact, safe to drink. He said Woodland usually purchases water from the City of Lufkin and mixes that with well water. That was until a month ago when the discoloration started. He said they've now switched to only buying water from Lufkin and have been flushing those wells in order for the water's clear color to be restored.

Explanation aside, Godwin said she just wants clean, clear water.

"No, no it's nobody's fault that it's happening, but it's someone's fault that it's not being fixed," Godwin said.

Taylor said the process of flushing the wells may take two or three more days.

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