The July fry brings summer heat back to the Piney Woods

The July fry brings summer heat back to the Piney Woods

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - After enduring record setting rainfall this spring and the heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Bill in June, we will finally be settling in to an extended stretch of dry weather over the next week in East Texas.

A large dome of high pressure will be strengthening and moving overhead this weekend, bringing with it the hottest stretch of weather we have seen so far this summer.  This will be a heat cooker for us as the sinking air will squash the clouds and prevent them from developing into cooling rain showers.  It will also shift the storm track further to the north, keeping any threat for storm systems well away from us and the rest of the Lone Star state.

This ridge of high pressure will allow our temperatures to soar into the upper 90's, getting close to the century mark for many neighborhoods.  When you factor in the humidity, our heat index values will range from 100-105 degrees each afternoon.

The high soil moisture content should keep our temperatures from climbing to the century mark; however, many of your backyard thermometers may flirt with triple digits for the first this year, especially as we get into next week.

With this heat ridge holding firm through most of next week, our hot and dry weather will remain with us for quite some time.  This means that you may have to turn on your sprinkler systems for the first time in a long time.

You will also want to make sure that your air conditioners are in great working order and that you stay hydrated if you have to spend time outdoors.

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