Professional golfer Sam Fidone returns to old Crown Colony stomping grounds

Professional golfer Sam Fidone returns to old Crown Colony stomping grounds

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It hasn't been hard spotting out Sam Fidone at the Adams Pro Tour at Crown Colony this week. Fidone, being a Lufkin native, has had quite the possy filled with eager eyes to see how the professional would go out.

"It's nice having all the people that followed and I really appreciate that," said Fidone. "I'm just happy to have a tournament out here to be honest."

Fidone is now on his second year grinding his way through being a professional and has stamped his name on Lufkin along the way.

After making two state tournament trips in high school, Fidone played two years at SMU. Fidone was named to the All-Freshmen Select Team for Conference USA, before deciding it was time to make a move and prioritize golf in his life.

"It's been my dream to play golf my whole life and after that second year, I had a lot of momentum going into that second year. It really turned out to be a great decision. I've never been happier in my life," said Fidone.

Professional golfers have claimed Crown Colony as one of the toughest courses they've played on.

"So far I think it's the hardest course because everything is so narrow. There is so much rough around the greens," said professional golfer Johannes Veerman.

However for Fidone, it's a home course he's quite familiar with.

"A lot of guys out here are kind of scared to hit drivers sometimes but I mean growing up here my whole life, I bring that kind of fear-factor out of it which is nice. It's still a hard place to play," said Fidone.

It's a place that floods Fidone's memory of simpler times.

"The front nine is where we always played after school. The front nine was our nine and I played that better than I did the back which doesn't shock me at all," said Fidone. "I remember playing against my friends for a coke or a dollar at the end of the day freshmen year. It brings back a ton of memories. It's just so nice to be back. It really is. I love it here."

Now he's playing for a lot more than a coke or dollar and for Fidone, he wouldn't have it any other way.

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