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East Texas health experts warn against celebrity endorsed diets

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"Going vegan" that's the healthy diet Texas-native Beyoncé recently announced on national television. The pop singer's “22 Day Vegan Challenge” says you can achieve a healthy lifestyle for $600. The price includes three pre-packaged meals a day delivered to your door.

It's a diet that caught the eye of a Huffington Post style editor Michelle Persad. She took on the challenge and spoke with KTRE in an exclusive interview, and told us her favorite -- and not so favorite parts of the 22 days.

“So the best part was the last day, cause I was finished. I think the worst part was definitely the first week. It was really, really hard just eating those prepackaged meals,” Persad said.

Even having each meal delivered right to your door once a week, with no preparation was tough on Persad.

“I think you need to educate yourself. I mean you can feel hungry if you don’t eat the right things. If you’re not getting enough protein if you’re just eating veggies every day it can lead you to be very hungry," Persad said. "I think a lot of research is required and a lot of time.”

East Texas health professionals we spoke with said Beyoncé’s challenge may not always be the best way to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Stephen F. Austin State University’s registered dietitian Dana Faris explains each person requires different vitamins and nutrients for their body. 

“Most people that follow any kind of diet, it’s not a permanent solution; you have to kind of build that foundation and follow it for life versus following it for just 22 days," Faris said.

So how would the average American successfully follow this eating plan?

Nacogdoches yoga instructor Amy Sanford admitted this type of diet isn’t a simple thing to do - especially in East Texas. 

“Well it’s not easy, but it is realistic. It takes a lot of personal education, it takes a lot of planning especially in an East Texas town, but it is doable," said Sanford. "It’s just like anything else you do new, you have to put effort into it.”

Sanford added that when someone is developing a healthy lifestyle it is important to remember that each body needs and required certain vitamins and minerals to survive on a healthy spectrum.

“First of all, you should start educating yourself, read books, read into exactly what it is, get familiar with your community, find out about your local farmers markets, what’s available in your grocery stores and find recipes," Sanford said.

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