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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce unveils vegan delivery diet - but is it the right diet for you?

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In case you didn’t tune into Beyoncé’s highly anticipated announcement last month on GMA, let us fill you in: the "Flawless" singer announced her 22 Day Vegan Revolution saying, “This is something I have to share with everyone…”

The home delivery meal plan came after Beyoncé expressed her lifelong struggle with diet and weight loss. 

“I’m not naturally the thinnest women, I have curves I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled from a young age with diets,” she said in a clip that aired exclusively on GMA June 8th.

The meal plan is also accompanied by a 300 page book, 22 Day Vegan Revolution, that promises to help achieve 'Bey-level' beauty ambitions by simply swapping your normal eating habits for all plant-based foods.

The Huffington Post's style editor Michelle Persad broke down the details in an exclusive interview with KTRE via Skype from New York City.

“So Beyoncé and her trainer came up with this 22 Day meal plan and the idea behind it is that it takes 22 days to break a habit, and I thought you know Beyoncé does it and she looks amazing why not try it and see if it’s realistic,” Persad said.

Persad was recruited by the blog ‘The Coveter’ to try the delivery meal service and asked her to chronicle her time in a diary format. After three weeks, she published the article titled, “I tried the Beyoncé 22 Day Vegan diet… and I’m starving."

That article quickly took the internet world by storm over the application of the "Beyoncé diet" by a regular American.

Persad explained her struggle with eating no meat or dairy saying,  “I would eat these meals in the future, but for a shorter period of time. 22 days was 18 days too long.”

Nacogdoches-based dietician Dana Ferris isn’t surprised that this 22-day diet is tough for everyday person. 

“Typically the thing we see that’s a danger with being either vegetarian or vegan, mainly vegan because it’s a little bit more limited in protein, we see that they have more issues with iron or zinc or just other minerals and nutrients they would get eating meat in their diets,” said Ferris.

Not digesting enough of the body's key vitamins can cause you to feel deprived and hungry. But the diet isn't simply eating the three meals -- it also includes exercising.

The book based on the diet -- details Beyoncé and her trainer's emphasizes on the importance of eating foods focused on carbs over protein and fat, exercising half an hour a day, and drinking plenty of water.

But with a program that’s based on the idea that it only takes three weeks to break those unhealthy habits, Persad admitted she might need a little more time, “I will say on day 22 I got a burger that was the first thing that I did.”

So what was the most difficult part of the program to follow? 

Persad shared that, and even some suggestions on how to improve the delivery service,

“I’m not sure if there is anyway to do this but to get more fresh options and I don’t know if that means delivery more often, or more than once a week, but really heating up my food in a microwave three times a day was rough," said Persad. 

Persad also added that she personally struggled with the diet because it interfered into her social life. 

"I just realized how many of my social engagements revolve around eating and food and when I would go out with friends I could eat anything. I think that was definitely one of my low points.”

Bottom line Persad found out that not all diets are created equal. And to truly follow a diet it must fit into your lifestyle for it to last for more than three weeks.

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KTRE Summer intern Hunter Sowards reported on this story.

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