Lufkin tutor trying to ease loss of knowledge over summer

Lufkin tutor trying to ease loss of knowledge over summer
Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As children across Deep East Texas enjoy their summer, experts warn it may come back to haunt them when they hit the school halls this fall.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, most students lose about two months of grade level skills over the summer break. Those numbers increase in lower income communities. Marlena Morton said those statistics scare her which is why she started up a summer learning program for the neighborhood around the Brandon Park area of North Lufkin.

"During the summer they are worried about watching cartoons, watching tv," Morton said. "A lot of them, they are playing video games so they are not really maintaining the knowledge they learned throughout the school year."

It's not just math that Morton focuses on. She makes sure to hit on every subject in the two hours she has the children.

"I tutor throughout the school year," Morton said. "I thought, 'Hey I haven't heard of a program for the summer,' so I said let's organize something."

The school tutor said she tries to make sure the children do not think they are in summer school.

"We just play games while telling them, 'remember your numbers, remember your math, remember your ABC's,'" Morton said. "They don't really know they are maintaining their knowledge."

No grades are handed out. Morton just offers words of encouragement and small prizes. Morton said her goal is to have the children ready for school and ahead of the curve on the first day back in the class room.

Morton offers the tutoring session every Monday until Aug.7. Morton said you do not need to call before hand to participate, but more information can be found by emailing her at

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