Corrigan man arrested after alleged hit and run at Lufkin's IHOP

Corrigan man arrested after alleged hit and run at Lufkin's IHOP

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Corrigan man has been arrested after police said he ran over multiple people in the Lufkin IHOP parking lot.

Dakion Jackson, 18 of Corrigan, is being charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of striking an unattended vehicle.

According to Lufkin Police, officers were called out to the Lufkin IHOP at 3:36 am Sunday morning for reports of two people being run over.

The officer that arrived on scene reported seeing around 150 people in the parking lot.

"He observed a female on the ground near the front right corner of the restaurant parking lot," The report stated.  "Several people were holding her still and saying that she had been run over by a blue SUV."

The report continued saying a witness claimed to have seen Jackson arguing with his girlfriend in the parking lot. The witness said another man approached and that is when Jackson and a group of other men got in a blue Mitsubishi Outlander and backed out of the parking lot, immediately running over a woman standing near the vehicle.

"[The witness] said that it knocked her out of her shoes, and she rolled down the parking lot and stopped, where she was when the officer arrived," the report stated.

Witnesses told officers on the way out of the parking lot, the Outlander hit two other parked vehicles and ran over a man.

Witnesses on scene said after Jackson hit the vehicles, he circled the parking lot and came back around towards the woman before driving off.

"A witness said that Jackson turned around and headed back toward where the woman was lying in the parking lot and went around the building and left," the report stated. "At no time did Jackson stop or attempt to stop and give his information regarding the two accidents that he had caused. "

The Lufkin Fire Department transported he woman Jackson hit was taken to an area hospital.

"She appeared to be a lot of pain," the report said. "She had a large area of skin missing on her right elbow and some missing on her right knee. She also complained that her right wrist hurt."

The woman's pants were taken off by medical staff and put into evidence after they found black marks that were believed to be consistent with tire marks. The report stated the man that was hit would drive himself to the hospital a short time later, complaining about a leg injury.

Police were able to locate the vehicle and Jackson a few hours later in Hudson. Officers took pictures of the Outlander and spoke to Jackson. Officers claim Jackson was cooperative but would not comment about what happened at IHOP. The report also claimed Jackson did not show signs of inebriation.

The report claims a short time later, another officer came into contact with two other victims when the car they were in ended up stuck on the railroad tracks. They advised the officer that they were in route to the hospital because they, too, had been run over by Jackson.

According to Corrigan Police Chief Darrell Gibson, on Monday night, his officers were asked to carry out an arrest warrant on Jackson, who they believed was in Corrigan. Gibson said officers were able to locate Jackson in the 200 block of West Street in Corrigan where he was arrested and transported to the Polk County Jail on the charges out of Lufkin.

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