Lufkin fans react to Dez Bryant's multi-million dollar contract

Lufkin fans react to Dez Bryant's multi-million dollar contract

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When the long awaited news of Dez Bryant's contract broke today, Cowboys' fans all over Lufkin rejoiced.

"The first thing I said was it's about dog-gone time," said Lufkin Cowboys' fan James Miles. "They took a while to do it, it shouldn't have been that long."

"I thought it was great deal, I wanted him to get the contract," said Lufkin Cowboy's fan Len Phillips. "I thought he deserved it. He's been, as far as receivers go, one of the top ones for the last three years."

Bryant's deal has him earning $70 million over the next 5 years, $45 million of that guaranteed. His former high school football coach, however, doesn't't believe this will change Bryant one bit.

"No matter how much he got or no matter what his contract was, it's not going to change the way he plays the game or how he prepares," said Lufkin High School head football coach Todd Quick. "He loves the game of football."

Quick said he believes Bryant's contract is well deserved and will help to serve as a good example for his current Panther Pack football players.

"We're happy for him," Quick said. "He's a good role model for our kids. To say that if you stick to your guns and you work hard and you take care of your business, good things will happen to you."

Even though he's made it big, the people of Lufkin are proud to call Dez Bryant one of their own.

"It means a whole lot to Lufkin and young kids growing up," Miles said. "Many kids admire him and they'll want to follow in his footsteps."

"It's always exciting when you're in a small town of 35, 000 people, you never expect anyone to make it big," Phillips said.

"He'll always be a Lufkin Panther," Quick said. "He has forgotten that and he never will."

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