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Nacogdoches city officials investigating unknown substance found at wastewater plant

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

The wastewater treatment plant is currently undergoing investigations into an unknown substance which entered the plant during the early hours of July 6.

On call operators notified Water Utilities Supervisor, Bart Allen, of higher chlorine demands which was the first indication of an upset to the treatment process. After further investigation, it was clear the facility had been compromised by an unknown chemical which hindered daily operations for approximately 36 hours.

“When we noticed the irregularities we immediately reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - our governing agency,” Allen said. “The chemical ultimately eradicated good bacteria which makes the plant function, but did not affect any nearby water reservoirs or harm the environment.”

Upon detection of the upset, personnel at the facility worked diligently to ensure environmental standards were upheld and to regain functionally of the plant. The plant is currently working at 90 percent capacity.

“We are still working to determine the type and source of the unknown substance,” Allen said. “We certainly take these types of issues seriously and want to ensure that the public is aware of the issues we faced last week while we continue to actively pursue the source.”

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