2 Shelby Co. veterans without running water for three months

2 Shelby Co. veterans without running water for three months
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - Just eight months ago East Texas News told you about two Shelby County veterans who received a new home thanks to the donations of their community. Since then, everything seemed fine for Kenneth Johnson Sr. and his son Ken Johnson Jr. until the well which supplied water to the home stopped working. The problems continued from there.

"The heat during the day, and we got an air conditioner out there that isn't hooked up. No water, we can't clean. We can't clean ourselves because we don't have any water ... been over three months since I've had a bath," Johnson Sr. said.

He was told to contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services about the homes issues. And when he did, he was surprised at the department's response.

We were originally told it would be 45 days before anything could be done. 45 days? My goodness," Johnson Sr. said.

Both Johnson Sr. and Johnson Jr. served in the United States Air Force and United States Army, respectively. Johnson Jr. still suffers from injuries sustained during his time overseas. The conditions are taking a toll on Johnson Sr. as well.

I'm beginning to resent myself [because of] my smell," Johnson Sr. said.

A neighbor has been bringing them two jugs filled with water by the way of a small red wagon. That was until yesterday morning when the Johnson's drank their last drop. The neighbor hasn't returned since which prompted Johnson to call Adult Protective Services once more. He said he was told someone would bring water.

"It's now 12 o'clock. Where are protection services? Still no water. Yeah, left here to wither on the vine you might say," Johnson Sr. said.

Despite the entire problem, Johnson says he has one simple wish.

"Water; I would like to have water in the house," Johnson Sr. said.

East Texas News contacted an Adult Protection Services specialist who said our request for information we have to be forwarded to their media relations department. We have yet to hear back.

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