Lufkin resale shop goes to the dogs

Lufkin resale shop goes to the dogs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Every sale that happens at Treasure Hounds goes to the dogs.

The store was opened up in May, but is now just starting to see business flow in. It is run by Habitat for Hounds, an East Texas non-profit that provides dog houses to people who cannot afford them for man's best friend.

"Every dollar that is spent buys a shelter for a dog that needs it in the winter," Hounds for Habitat President Pat Gandy said. "Many people cannot afford that, but they don't want to get rid of the animals. We help the elderly with the shelters and we are called by the city for the low-income owners."

With the changing Texas weather, dog owners can go from flooding rains to triple-digit heat.

"It is a requirement to have shelter for your dog because of rain and temperatures and stuff like that," Gandy said.

The group has been around for two years, but recently, asking for donations seemed to become an issue for the group. The group did want to get in the way of fundraising efforts by local animal shelters so the group decided to open a shop and sale everything from custom-painted boots to vintage children items to kitchen ware and everything in between.

"We don't want to own it," Gandy said. "We want somebody else to have it."

The group's one goal is to help all the animals in Angelina County.

"It's just a really great group effort," Gandy said. "You can donate some stuff, you can buy some stuff, and it supplies a dog with shelter.

The store is located at the corner of Bynum and Pershing on the west side of Lufkin.

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