Livingston couple recovers stolen car in unusual way

Livingston couple recovers stolen car in unusual way

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - Having to start a car with a screwdriver is a nightmare for anyone, but for Shane and Chelsea Peters, they're just grateful to have a car to start.

Over a month ago, they had to leave their vehicle on the side of the road when it broke down in Cleveland. When they came back for it two days later, it was gone.

"I had called every police station and every tow company that I could think of in that area that I could think of," said Chelsea Sanders-Peters. "No one had any record of it and after a month we just thought it was gone."

The Peters were understandably angry.

"It really aggravated me," said Shane Peters. "It really made me mad that someone would steal something that I worked very hard for."

Thinking the car was gone forever, Chelsea came across an unbelievable sight when she was with grandmother in Cleveland a month and a half after it was taken.

"Coming out of the gas station was the truck," Chelsea said. "I was looking down and my grandmothers said there's the truck and I looked up and I said it sure is."

Chelsea called Shane as they began to follow the car.

"I said, well, just keep your distance, call the sheriff's department, and no matter what, do not confront him," Shane said. "Most people that steal things aren't the best people to deal with."

Cleveland police arrested Johnny Buckalew on the scene. Although he fixed the part of the car that was broken, he left a considerable amount of damage.

"He broke the back window, broke the ignition," Shane said. "It's just a headache, he left drugs in my car."

Buckalew also left a machete in the backseat and stole a considerable amount of items out of the vehicle. He thankfully left the couple's daughter's birth certificate.

The Peters estimate that it will cost thousands to fix the damage.

"He's very lucky they got him before I found him," Shane said. "He's very lucky."

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