Still no answers to toxic substance at Nacogdoches waste water facility

Still no answers to toxic substance at Nacogdoches waste water facility

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Officials are still looking for answers two weeks after a toxic material was detected in the waste water treatment facility in Nacogdoches.

Despite not knowing what or how the toxin got in the facility, operations manager Bart Allen said everything is okay and residents having nothing to be concerned about.

"This is for waste water," Allen said. "The water people drink and use in houses is not in our facility.  Waste water is when you flush the commode, it goes to our collection system that then goes to the waste water treatment plant. Water we drink comes from wells and our surface water plant that goes to a water distribution system at the other plant."

Allen said his crew worked fast to isolate the problem and flush it out of their system without it affecting nearby La Nana Creek or the Angelina River. Allen said the possibility was real that 3.5 million gallons of contaminated water could have leaked into the creek.

"We did take immediate action on what we needed to do to get the plant back on track," Allen said. "We never put anything into the creeks. No wildlife or plants were hurt by this."

Allen said the plant is now fully operational as they wait to hear what the toxin was. Allen said once they determine what the toxin was, they will focus on how it might have gotten into the system and will look to stop it from happening again.

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