Tasers In The Home?

by Jessica Cervantez

For almost two years members of the Nacogdoches police force have been trained to use tasers on the job. But, they are not sure it is a good idea for civilians to be using them for self protection.

Greg Sowell, with the Nacogdoches police dept., said, "Like everything else, while it is a very effective tool in the right circumstances and setting, it has its limitations."

The Lufkin police department does not use tasers. Still, officers there realize some citizens believe it is worth it, to spend hundreds of dollars to buy their own taser.

Lt. Greg Denman, with the Lufkin police dept., said, "To have one is just another form of self defense, the law enforcement side of it is whatever the homeowner can do to protect their property, that is what they can do."

The non-lethal weapon affects the neuromuscular system, causing all your muscles to cramp.

One Lufkin resident does not believe in having a gun in the home. He thinks a taser would be safer.

Ronnie Peden said, "It is good protection I think, and no one has to carry guns or women."

But, gun store owners have another worry. They say people just aren't as familiar with tasers as with guns.

Bill Tate, a gun store co-owner, said, "I don't like the idea, there is no permits you have to have, there is no restriction, I just don't care for the idea."

If tasers do start becoming more common in the home, gun sellers hope users will understand, there are potential dangers.

Alan Repp, also, a gun store co-owner, said, "We sell handguns, rifles, whatever, and people know what is going to happen if they are going to use that. Most people are real hesitant to do so, but I think the taser will be like 'let's go ahead and use that and watch them dance' and I am not for that."

There is also another concern. As of now, there is no set plan, to require any type of training before a person can buy a taser.

Civilians have been able to buy tasers online for about the past ten years.