Splash Kingdom Timber Falls water park set to open soon

Splash Kingdom Timber Falls water park set to open soon

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - This past spring's heavy rains might be behind us, but its effects are still lingering, especially when it comes to the construction of Nacogdoches' newest tourist attraction.

"We definitely had a lot of rain this spring, as anyone in construction knows," said Splash Kingdom Regional Manager Jared Troutman.

Unfortunately, the wet spring caused a delay in completing the construction for the long awaited Splash Kingdom Timber Falls Water Park.

 "It definitely did slow down our ability to pour concrete and do dirt work," Troutman said.

Now that the dog days of summer are upon East Texas, Splash Kingdom workers are taking advantage of the heat and trying to salvage what is left of the 2015 season.

"We've been able to get a lot done here to try to be open this summer," Troutman explained.

According to Troutman, most of the construction will be completed by the end of the week

"We're finishing the last two 45-foot tall slides, we filled the activity pool yesterday, and we're wrapping up the tree house kids area," Troutman said.

Although, they are working quickly with all employees putting in extra time and labor, Troutman said the park will only be open when it's completely ready, safety being their primary concern.

"We still have things going on out here to wrap up, we need to work through all of that," Troutman said. "As soon as we can have people in the park safely, we will be doing that."

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