Update: Shelby County veterans now have running water

Update: Shelby County veterans now have running water
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - What began as a story of desperation...

"Water; I would just like to have water in the house," said Kenneth Johnson Sr.

...ends as a story about coming together.

The two Shelby County veterans that initially went three months without air conditioning and running water have received help from their community.

"We got phone calls. We immediately got people coming by and dropping off water and offering services," Johnson said.

Johnson said several people, from air conditioning repairmen to everyday neighbors, contacted the two veterans in hopes of lending a hand, but there was one person in particular Johnson wanted to thank.

"Jake Metcalf, from Timpson Police came out and he took control of it, you might say, and thank you Jake, appreciate it man," Johnson said.

From no water to now an abundance, Johnson recalls his first drink of water after going days without.

"Oh it was great! Not exactly our good water here, but it was great, it was wet," Johnson said.

The air conditioning read 78 degrees versus the initial 86. Also among those to assist was the United Methodist Army. They installed a deck in the front of the Johnson's home, which is where have placed their washer and dryer.

An outpouring of support, leaving Johnson with feelings of gratitude.

"Wonderful! It just showed me that the people of Shelby County are there. When a challenge comes up, they meet it," Johnson said.

And as far as that long-awaited bath?

"Well, I haven't had one yet, because our water heater burned out," Johnson said.

But not to worry, he says it's in the process of being repaired.

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