2 Douglass boys finish first day of national bass tourney in 1st place

2 Douglass boys finish first day of national bass tourney in 1st place

HUNTINGDON, TN (KTRE) - Two Douglass boys earned first place at the first day of the National Junior B.A.S.S. Fishing Tournament on Friday in Huntingdon, Tennessee.

At the close of the first day of the tournament, Austin Brewer-Vardeman and Jacob Bruener, who are both students at Douglass ISD, were sitting in first place, according to Janet Vardeman.

Jacob caught an 11 pound-14 ounce large-mouth bass at about 12:30 p.m. In the process, he set a new state record for the 1,000-acre lake in Tennessee near Huntingdon, where the official weigh-in took place.

Janet Vardeman said when Austin was asked what he did when his teammate brought the big fish into the boat, he replied, "I hollered!"

Albert Collins, a local pro bass fisherman from Nacogdoches who was the boys' boat captain, said that he was pretty sure the team had a state record weight, Janet Vardeman said. She added that Austin recently caught the largest fish on Sam Rayburn to place the boys in first place for Texas, and now Jacob has caught the largest to put them in first place at the national level.

"This is the only team representing Texas with over 200 teams of high school and junior high age 'fisher boys and girls' from across the United States in Tennessee this week," Janet Vardeman said.

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