Extreme heat kept several from attending annual Nacogdoches Aero Modelers Fun Fly

Extreme heat kept several from attending annual Nacogdoches Aero Modelers Fun Fly

The Model Airplane Fun Fly is always an enjoyable event in East Texas

"We came out here to show our grandson how people can do things with remote controls and fly planes and just have some fun on Saturday," said spectator Belinda Swearingen.

"It's a lot of fun," said Nacogdoches Modeler club member Mike Armand. "People from other clubs come and we get to see different airplanes and other fun things."

However, this year, there weren't as many people as usual.

"There were definitely less people this year," said club president Drew Thomas.


"It was so hot," explained Thomas.

The sweltering heat made it unbearable for spectators, so much so that many just didn't attend.

"It's hot, oh it's hot," Armand explained. "Not even the breeze is helping."

"Hot and miserable, my shirt has been wet two or three times," Thomas said.

"When you have this kind of a heat and with the heat index being up over a hundred, it just kind of sucks everything out of you," Swearingen said.

The high temps weren't ideal for the planes either.

"The engines can get a little finicky when the weather's this hot," Thomas explained. "You might've noticed some of the pilots had a hard time getting the airplanes started."

That's why the club is planning to move next year's event to a cooler time of year,  hoping to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

"We're going to aim for the second Saturday in October or somewhere in that area," Thomas said. "We want to get it in a cooler month so more folks will come out and enjoy the exhibition."

Spectators certainly seemed to be on board with the idea.

"That would be a more ideal time," Swearingen said. "I think more people could come out and really appreciate the work that these people put into this."

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