Angelina Co. officials train for future hurricanes

Angelina Co. officials train for future hurricanes

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County officials met Tuesday to make sure they had hurricane protocol in order before any storm hits.

The last time Angelina County saw a major disaster was Hurricane Ike and before that it was Hurricane Rita. Despite the length between disasters, those involved in the safety of the residents say these trainings like the one Tuesday afternoon in Angelina County is needed.

"When we have the evacuees come in, this is how we will handle them," Angelina County Emergency Management Coordinator Don Morris said. "They will all not be at the same location but this is the way we handle them."

The training health officials went through focused on separating patients based on medical needs. In most cases the patients will go to one of several regular shelters around town, but in other cases they will end up here at the downtown convention center where they can handle special needs, since the center has a stand-alone generator and multiple rooms.

"In Lufkin, we have a lot of regular type shelters, but the civic center here is strictly used during evacuations for people with medical needs that are not bad enough to be in a hospital but do need attentive care," said Gary Litton with the Angelina County and Cities health District.

At first, the training hit some rough spots but through communication those were fixed and leaders took notes to improve the experience.

"We all respond in a situation like this," Litton said. "We all have different roles. Lufkin fire plays a big part in our evacuation. Red Cross stands up and provides a lot of support for shelters and emergency management plays a key role, so it is great that we can all get together."

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