Recycling Mandatory in Crockett - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/17/05 - Crockett

Recycling Mandatory in Crockett

by Jessica Cervantez

The City of Crockett takes pride in keeping its environment and city clean. That is why Crockett has mandatory recycling.

The mandate has been effective for the city. For twelve years now, it has brought in money and also cuts down on the solid-waste stream.

Making recycling mandatory is unique in Texas.

Buddy Robinson, the solid waste director, said, "I think if you are going to recycle and you're going to cut your solid waste in half, you're going to have to make it mandatory. And it is not hard to do, the people here have gotten used to it, and some of them have done a really good job."

Robinson says 90 percent of Crockett resident recycle correctly.  If they don't their trash won't get picked up.

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