FEMA and SBA in Lufkin to assist Angelina County residents with flood aid

FEMA and SBA in Lufkin to assist Angelina County residents with flood aid

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For several in Angelina County, the past couple of months have been a nightmare thanks to the constant flooding this spring.

"It's been very rough and stressful, you know, to sit there and not really know what's going on or what the damage really was," said Eric Cardwell, Angelina County flood survivor.

Now that the County is eligible for individual disaster assistance, FEMA and the SBA are in Lufkin and ready to sign people up.

"It's really important if you have had damage to get into the system, so the options that are available to you, you have access too," said Burl Kelton of the SBA.

While FEMA can assist in first response relief, like shelter and minor clean up, SBA provides loans and more in depth relief.  It is a lot information to sort through and it can get confusing, especially over the phone or on the internet. That's why the agencies are here in person.

"When they come into the center here, we have a customer service representative who will walk through the application with them," Kelton said.

Angelina County residents are grateful to have that face-to-face interaction.

"People have different questions that they want to ask because they're not sure what's going on," Cardwell said. "So being able to see someone, that person-to-person communication is a big plus."

It's equally as enjoyable for FEMA and SBA employees to have that personal interaction with survivors.

"Sometimes, I've had some of the survivors give me a hug and say thank you," said Carol Denniston of FEMA. "You know, that's really nice and it makes me feel like I've done something to help them."

FEMA and the SBA hope their presence will be helpful and start getting Angelina County residents back on their feet.

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