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02/18/05 - Nacogdoches

Heated Homosexual Debate

by Chris Cato

Pastor W. N. Otwell of God Said Ministries said, "the secular humanist public school systems and universities have become hot beds and recruiting stations for the sodomites for many years now."

Laughter filled the room after Pastor W.N. Otwell describes his views on homosexuality. He believes homosexuals are recruiting to try and break down the family unit, as part of the "Gay Agenda."

Pastor Otwell said, "there's been a great breakdown in our homes, in our families in America because of the sodomite agenda."

Adam Key, from the group Straight Pride, is also against homosexuality. But he favors tolerance toward gays instead of hatred.

Key said, "we're not all the W.N. Otwells of the world. The fact that we can object but still value them as people."

Pastor Otwell said, "AIDS did originate with the sodomites."

With strong opinions on both sides, there was much to argue about. Representatives from the gay community also showed up, holding posters in protest. For some, listening to the exchange, was hard to do.

Clarence Lucas, president of Pride SFA said, "it dredged up feelings and stuff from the past of you know how I was treated coming out."

Whether you call it a debate or not, the words spoken evoked harsh emotions on both sides. And will have many of those who came, talking for a long time.

Representatives from Pride SFA, a group for equal rights among all sexual orientations tell us they're planning to hold their own event in the coming weeks. They say theirs will be an open forum where everyone can give input rather than just two main speakers.

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