Houston County issues burn ban

Houston County issues burn ban

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (News release) - Dry, damaged, dead grass.


It's hard to imagine this is what Houston County looks like lately when just two months ago, they were flooded to a point that they had declare a state of emergency.

On Thursday,  Houston County made a new declaration, a burn ban.

 "You can't seem to catch a happy medium it seems like," said Houston County Emergency Manager David Lamb. "I look at the drought index. Anything over 400 will support a burn ban and we're at about 600 right now."

Lamb said the county has had little to no rain over the past two months, and with it being the hottest time of the year, the grass has dried out and grass fires have begun to ignite.

"We've had like four or five this week," Lamb said." Prior to that, it's been slim, but it's picking up.
The burn ban is a preventative measure."

Lamb said beginning the ban now will help stop several potential fires.

Residents are not allowed to burn anything that is non contained . Exceptions to the ban include agricultural burns for farmers and training for fire departments.

Although there is some rain forecast over the next few days, Lamb said it probably won't be enough to lift the ban.

"It's going to have to be a widespread moisture event to lift the ban."

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