Abortion Law Filed, Would Require Consent Of Parent

by Jessica Cervantez

Under the plan, girls under the age of 18 would have to get permission from their parents before getting an abortion.

Under Texas law, a parent already has to be notified at least two days before their child has an abortion.

Paula Havard, with the Pregnancy HELP Medical Center, has strong feelings about abortion. She has had an abortion herself, and, as a parent, she thinks parents should be involved when it comes to making life-changing decisions.

Havard said, "I believe it's a good law, it's very positive. Abortion has a lot of devastating physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects, and when parents aren't involved they aren't aware of why these physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects are taking place."

Opponents fear parental consent could result in unsafe abortions or abuse by parents.

The East Texas News was unable to get a hold of Planned Parenthood for comment about the legislation.