Angelina County Republican Chairman weighs in on upcoming primary debate

Angelina County Republican Chairman weighs in on upcoming primary debate

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The first televised Republican Presidential Primary debate will happen Thursday. Tonight, we found out who of the 17 will take the stage.

Fourteen of seventeen of the Republican presidential candidates arrived at the voter's first forum yesterday in New Hampshire vying for the top spot.

"It's interesting," said Bob Flournoy, the Angelina County Republican Chairman.

Only ten of them were invited to participate in the first televised GOP primary debate.  One candidate who made the cut, Trumped the rest by far.

"Trump is stirring up a lot of discussion, and I guess that's a good thing," Flournoy said.

Flournoy said, the business tycoon, who has been the GOP front runner for weeks, is entertaining.

"He's speaking in a way that a lot of people are excited about hearing," Flournoy said.

Does he think 'The Donald' is fit for an elective office?

"No....I really don't. Maybe the debates will help us find out what his policies will really be," Flournoy said.

The other nine candidates who earned spots in Thursday's debate on Fox News are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, John Kasich.

"Some of them will express them [policies] better than others. We certainly have some great candidates, some from Texas," Flournoy said.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry didn't make the cut, but Flournoy feels positively about Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is invited make an appearance in the primary debate.

"Cruz is a brilliant guy, and he's going to speak well," Flournoy said.

Ben Carson, a former physician who gained popularity after speaking frankly against President Barack Obama's Healthcare, also stands out for Flournoy.

"He's not as forceful as the rest, but I certainly hope he makes a good showing. I think he will," Flournoy said.

He says this debate in particular has had and will continue to gain a great deal of coverage for the Republican presidential candidates. He adds that if a Republican does take the position in the end, he believes he or she has a lot of work in the future.

"Any of them will be would be better than the Democrat!" Flournoy said.

The primary debate takes place Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio at 4 p.m. The bottom seven candidates, which includes former Texas Governor Rick Perry, have been invited to an earlier debate Thursday on Fox.

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