SFA announces new videoboards will be among 'nation's largest'

From SFA Sports

NACOGDOCHES, TX - Stephen F. Austin and Daktronics have reached an agreement which will greatly enhance the game day experience at SFA Athletic events. The agreement includes upgrades to the video and scoreboards at both Homer Bryce Stadium and William R. Johnson Coliseum and scoreboard updates at the SFA Soccer Field, Jaycees Field and the SFA Softball Field.

"It is important to provide our students, fans and supporters the best experience when they come to Homer Bryce Stadium or Johnson Coliseum," said Athletic Director Robert Hill. "This improved technology will put SFA in the same class as the professional venues. Having this equipment will also help in recruiting since potential student-athletes want to come to a campus where they can enjoy these amenities."

The new videoboard at Homer Bryce Stadium will be a 13mm HD display, measuring 80' 8" in length and 36' 10" high. The high resolution board will be the largest in the Southland Conference and the third-largest in FCS football behind only South Dakota State and Northern Iowa, ranking among the top 30 in all of Division I.

The board will add a significant presence to Lumberjack game days, allowing for HD video streams and instant replays, in-game statistics and sponsorship and promotional elements.

At William R. Johnson Coliseum, the end video boards will be taken out and replaced with a four-sided, 6mm HD resolution center-hanging board, measuring 14' 5" by 22' 5" on each side. The board will be complete with a 10mm ring around the bottom, similar to the one the Lumberjacks played under at the 2014 NCAA tournament at Viejas Arena in San Diego.

In addition to the center board, the ends will be replaced with 15mm HD resolution facias as well as updated scorers and media tables along the floor, all of which will be 10mm HD resolution displays, giving more options for in-game promotions and marketing.

In addition to the new videoboards, new Daktronic scoreboards will be installed at the SFA Soccer Field, Jaycees Field and the SFA Softball Field, replacing the current boards.

Construction will begin on the Homer Bryce Stadium scoreboard following the conclusion of the 2015 football season and will be up and running for the 2016 season as well as the 2016 Carl Kight Invitational, hosted by the SFA track and field teams.

The boards at WRJ Coliseum will be replaced next summer and will be ready to go for the 2016-17 SFA basketball season. The scoreboards at Jaycees Field and the SFA Softball Field are scheduled to be in place in time for the 2016 season while the scoreboard at the SFA Soccer Field will be installed following the conclusion of the 2015 season.

The proposal was presented and approved by the SFA Board of Regents at their summer meetings on July 27-28 in Nacogdoches.