Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 8/6/15

Dairy Queen, 3121 North St.: 16 demerits for walk-in cooler needs to be cooling at 41 degrees, milk discarded, foods transferred to other cooler, improper ventilation, air conditioner needs to be repaired immediately, need backflow preventer for outside hose, power wash grease bin, clean up spillage, repair conduit by drive-through.

Asian City, 2732 North St.: 13 demerits for boxes of foods stored on freezer floor, weatherproof screen door in back and all entries and exits, provide thermometers for all cooks, coolers and freezers, proper storage of ice scoop needed, re-clean and re-sanitize two utensils.

La Michoacana Meat Market, 1000 North St.: 13 demerits for sliced sandwich meats need use-by dates, keep trash and debris out of handwash sink, test strips needed, provide thermometers for all coolers.

La Michoacana Grill, 1000 North St.: 12 demerits for hot hold, discarded two food products, provide thermometer for prep cooler.

Tango Mango, 3801 North Street Suite #17: 10 demerits for lid and straw needed by employees in food prep area, need test strips, provide thermometer for up front prep cooler.

Chicken Express, 1614 N. University Drive: Nine demerits for paper towels needed at handwash sink, provide thermometers for all coolers and freezers, keep all utensils clean and sanitary.

El Raspadito, 1403 South St.: Eight demerits for milk at improper temperature had to be discarded, health permit needs to be renewed.

Papa Johns, 2702 North St.: Six demerits for weatherproof front door, replace two thermometers.

Long John Silver's, 1505 North St.: Six demerits for keep handwash sink empty, replace one spatula, keep ice scoop stored properly.

Whataburger, 261 North St.: Three demerits for two spray bottles need caps.

Kroger Deli and Bakery, 1215 North St.: Three demerits for re-clean and re-sanitize two knives.

Brookshire Brothers deli and bakery department, 1420 N. University Drive: Three demerits for re-clean and re-sanitize three spatulas.

T's Sandwiches, 1122 North University Drive: No demerits.

Subway, 3415 South St.: No demerits.

The Frozen Goat, 1220 North St. Suite #A: No demerits.

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