Jasper County considers extending disaster declaration

Jasper County considers extending disaster declaration

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Looking around at all of the dry damaged roads of Jasper County, it's hard to believe just two months ago, it was under water.

"The last two months have been quite an adventure," said Jasper County Judge Mark Allen.

Although the water is gone, the damage is still left behind and Jasper County commissioners are working hard to get everything back to normal.

"So, they are still in the middle of trying to get the roads completely repaired and passable and for our local citizens," Allen said.

Due to this problem, Jasper County is considering an extension of their disaster declaration, to help with the costs of those repairs.

There's also another reason for the potential extension.

"Now with the drought, we've got a lot of grass that's dead, and a lot of our brush is extremely dry," Allen said. So now, we've got much more of a potential for fire threats."

Allen said funds from the disaster declaration will help with damages from potential fires.

To be cautious, Jasper issued a burn ban Thursday.

Mother Nature has certainly taken a toll on Jasper County this year, but they hope relief is around the corner.

"I just pray that we can get out of this get a little bit of rain over the next few days here or there," Allen said. "There's no rain in the forecast. Hopefully, your weatherman can do something about that!"

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