Lawn Mower Races

One of the biggest draws to the Hot To Trot Chili Cookoff, besides the chili, is the lawn mower races.

These aren't your typical lawn mowers, they've been souped up and tweaked to the point that, according to drivers, they will go over 70 miles an hour. Drivers of these revved up machines say it's a fun ride that anyone can do.

Richard Lively, a Lawn Mower Driver said, "I got one out of a junk yard as a matter of fact and built my first one. Now I own 4 of them."

Drivers say no matter how fast you can make them go, the lawn mower still has to appear stock, and has to still be able to cut grass.

Saturday's Winners:

AP Class
1st - Rick Florace
2nd - John Nelson
3rd - Tom Kelly

I - Mow
1st - John Nelson
2nd - Vicki Vincent
3rd - Dennis Drake

SP Class
1st - Doug Carr
2nd - Clyde Riley
3rd - Dennis Drake

Stock Class
1st - Patty Robinson
2nd - John Nelson

BP Class
1st - Patrick Askin
2nd - David Hill

1st - Richard Lively
2nd - John Nelson
3rd - Dale Baker