Free back-to-school event puts focus on students' vision

Free back-to-school event puts focus on students' vision

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When it comes to back to school, parents may think clothes supplies are the number one priority, but The Center For Sight in Lufkin suggests parents focus on their child's vision.

"So much of learning comes through the eyes and through vision," said Lufkin optometrist Carmon Roberts. "Everybody's out shopping today for tax free weekend, and we just wanted to integrate that into their back to school routine."

Some parents had been anxious to get their kids into the eye doctor and jumped at the opportunity.

"My little girl is 8 years old. She's at the place where we need to start checking her eyes, and making sure she can see," said Lufkin parent Alvin Vander Leest. "She's complained of headaches before, so it gives us a good opportunity to check her out without having to have an appointment."

Roberts said many vision problems can go undetected for years because parents simply don't know what to look for.

 "When you tell them there's an issue, like maybe there's just an issue in one eye, they wouldn't have realized it because the child was seeing so well with the other eye," Roberts explained. "So we've been able to point some things out like that to parents.">

In fact, Roberts said they were able to detect several vision problems at the event.

"Today, it seemed like a very high percentage of kids that come through needed to be scheduled for a comprehensive exam to get their vision checked and to be put into glasses if they need them," Roberts said.

Employees of The Center For Sight were glad to help students get ready for the school year, free of charge.

"We feel passionate about caring for the eyes of East Texas and to give back to the community anyway we can," Roberts said.

Lufkin parents were in turn appreciative for the service.

"We're extremely grateful for The Center For Sight to help take care of the community and do this," Vander Leest said. "It's a blessing."

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