Black History Month Radio Show With A Message

They were on the air for 12 hours Sunday, playing Gospel music, and sending out a special message to their listeners.

Anthony Erwin of KRBA Radio in Lufkin said, "empower the Afro-American entrepreneur to encourage them that may want to go into business."

All day long Erwin asked those who have thought about going into business themselves, to do so. Erwin says many are afraid to take the risk that comes with owning their own business, but he says there is help.

Erwin said, "there needs to be more education in the minority neighborhoods and let them know there are opportunities there, but if nobody speaks about it then it would never get known."

Sunday's message was two-fold, one sent out to potential entrepreneurs, the other to those who are already in the workforce. That message was about their rights as employees and their responsibilities as employers.

Pamela Edwards of the EEOC said, "they just need to know that when they go into a workplace that they have a right to work in an environment that is free from discrimination, that's free from harassment."

Edwards says that especially now with more teens entering the workforce, the message about their rights needs to get out. A new program created by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission called 'Youth At Work' teaches new workers about their rights.

Edwards said, "sometimes they don't know where to go, they don't know who to talk to. They think that the adults in the workplace are going to do the right thing and they don't."

Edwards says the program is taught in many school systems already, but she says more must be done to get the word out and educate not just teens, but everyone on their rights as an employee.