Trinity PD officers receive national media attention after "Life Matters" post

Trinity PD officers receive national media attention after "Life Matters" post

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Two Trinity Police officers have put Trinity on the map after posting a photo on Facebook that has made a huge statement. The duo has been receiving national media coverage after the photo went viral.

They are two prominent officers with one powerful message. The text written across these Trinity officers hands reads, "His life matter."  It was posted on Facebook a couple of months ago. Today, it has gone viral.

"We had no idea," said Steven Jones, the chief of the Trinity Police Department.

"I thought that we would gain attention within the area," said Donald Givens, a Trinity Police officer.

Jones and Givens, who also known as Big Sexy in the community, have worked side by side as protectors, leaders, and even reality TV personalities on CMT's "Fat Cops."

"He's a God-fearing man. We laugh we talk. We are approachable," Givens said.

Love and concern for the community pushed them to spread this message.

"With the social issues going on across the country, we indicated that not just black lives matter. All lives matter," Givens said.

"We still need to get along with each other and live civilly. That's what we are trying to say," Jones said.

Today, their hands and statement got media coverage all over the country.

"I just can't believe it went viral. That's kind of crazy," Jones said. "Once our picture went viral, I was called by the Fox News affiliate."

Then, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, New York, and CNN all set out to catch up with the outgoing officers.

"It's bringing attention to what needs to be looked at because in the nation there is a lot of hate," Givens said.

"Ultimately the one thing we want to do is make a better world and another community," Jones said.

The officers both expressed respect for one another along with the people of the Trinity Community during the interviews. They were swamped with back to back interviews, but they are delighted that message made a mark.

"We need to come together as a nation and stop all the hate," Givens said.

The group "American Conservatives of Color" posted the photo to its Facebook page Monday. Less than 24 hours later, it had been shared more than 50,000 times.

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