East Texas humidity causing breathing trouble

East Texas humidity causing breathing trouble
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Extreme heat and humid conditions may be keeping some Deep East Texans indoors.

"I have no air," said Janice Morgan, who says the humidity makes it hard to breathe.

Having no air is a feeling that can easily cause panic. Morgan has suffered from COPD for about five years and in addition to that, she has asthma. All it takes is one step outside to cause her to reach for her inhaler.

"It takes my breath away. I have to stay in the air conditioning, especially with the humidity," Morgan said.

And with more of the humidity in store, the problems are expected to continue.

"As it gets hotter, it just gets hard to breathe. There's no specific basis for it, but as it gets hotter they just can't move that air," said Ahammed Hashim, MD.

It's causing many of Dr. Hashim's patients, like Morgan, to avoid going outside all together.

"I can't get out in the heat, I can't walk in the heat. If I ride, somebody cranks the car up and gets it cooled off before I get in," Morgan said.

And asthma medication is not the only thing that's aid Morgan in her struggle to breathe.

"Allergy shots [have] really helped me a lot with my breathing," Morgan said.

But if you aren't suffering from allergies, the best advice may simply be to avoid the heat.

"Most importantly, if it is that hot and humid, stay out of there. Get an air conditioned place," Hashim said.

Morgan has set her sights elsewhere.

"[I'm] looking forward to cool weather," Morgan said.

Doctors also say another result of rising temperatures is lung disease. They say if it becomes too difficult to breathe, visit your doctor immediately.

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