Nacogdoches ISD delays school bond vote until Monday

Nacogdoches ISD delays school bond vote until Monday

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A major vote on the future of Nacogdoches ISD was delayed Thursday night.

Instead, the school board decided to hold a second workshop with talks that included which Nac ISD schools could get an upgrade in a proposed school bond.

They said they needed more information on the proposed bonds because several members of the school board were unable to attend the first workshop.

The workshop took place after Thursday's school board meeting, which allowed the members to meet with a steering committee, consisting of teachers and community members, which proposed two options for a bond after crunching number and looking at several statistics.

Both of the options include plans to rebuild Carpenter Elementary, which is in need of dire repairing.

Several community members, parents, and educators spoke at the meeting and explained to the school board why the bond is needed in order to helps the students of Carpenter Elementary.

"We just really want them to take into consideration hat all kids are equal and that these kids in this neighborhood matter too," said Damion Yarbough, a Nacogdoches community leader who spoke at Thursday's meeting. "I think the board listened and they seemed like they were paying attention. We're just hoping that they pass the bond so that the kids will have a better opportunity to learn."

The school board will vote at meeting Monday night. They can pass one of the two options the steering committee created, or come up with their own bond amount.

The school board said they have been listening to their constituents and will vote in the direction they believe will best serve Nacogdoches ISD.

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