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02/22/05 - Lufkin

The Internet - It's More Than Just For Surfing

by Stuart Burson

As more and more internet users switch to high speed DSL and cable connections, the uses for the internet seem to be growing too. Now, the internet can be used for a whole lot more than just surfing the net.

Used to be, if you wanted to talk to someone over the internet a chat room was the only place to go. But now, companies are offering phone service over your broadband internet connection.

"Instead of sending data like you normally would when you surf the internet you're going to send... it still looks like data to the internet but it's voice... it's your voice translated to a digital packet and sent across the internet." says Reuben Castillo with DP Solutions in Lufkin.

Another use for today's internet we didn't dream of five years ago is home security. Wonder what's going on at home while you're away? no problem.

"Say you're not at home... you can go into the internet, punch in your i-p address, look throughout your house, pan a camera around. Think it's too dark in your house? turn some lights on." says Castillo.

Now, thanks to modern technology, you can also keep a better eye on your children when you're not with them. On the market are GPS wrist locators.  With those on your child, you can go onto the internet and see where they've been.

What was once a tool used to entertain ourselves if there was nothing good on TV, now seems to be flexing it's muscles to show us what it can really do.

Broadband phone service has the attention of state lawmakers. Last week, legislation was introduced in Austin to overhaul the state's telecommunications law to incorporate phone services that don't use standard telephone lines.

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