Lufkin Hispanic community members comment on the term "anchor baby"

Lufkin Hispanic community members comment on the term "anchor baby"

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush see no problem with the term anchor baby, but what about members of the Hispanic community right here in East Texas?

"I think it's highly offensive for a politician to use that term" said Lufkin Hispanic Attorney Jose Gonzalez. "I think they're attempting to dehumanize children in an effort to raise their political platform to make it into office."

"A baby is brought into this world and I mean, I don't think they should be labeled," said Lufkin Hispanic community member Loranda Turbeville.  "I think it's a disgrace."

The candidates have said that by using the term anchor baby, they're refusing to be politically correct, but according to Gonzalez, they're dehumanizing a specific group of people.

"It's offensive because it creates sort of a second class," Gonzalez said.
"It creates a second rate level of people that really says that they don't have the equal rights of the rest of us."

Gonzalez also said the term is just flat out incorrect.

"The term anchor babies is misleading," Gonzalez explained. "The politicians would have you believe that folks are able to come into the U.S. illegally, have a baby here and immediately benefit from that. It's not true."

The Hispanic community in Lufkin also pointed out no matter what side of the immigration debate people are on, it's important to remember, children are innocent.

"Regardless of the parent's legal status, it's true that it's not the child's fault," Gonzalez said. "Just because mom and dad are here undocumented or have fallen out of status, we don't want to stigmatize children."

"Your baby is your baby, your child is your child, a child of God," Turbeville said. "It's a disgrace to label children because they're innocent."

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