Breastfeeding mom says new law will create healthier babies in East Texas

Breastfeeding mom says new law will create healthier babies in East Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new state law will soon benefit working moms. Beginning September 1st, career moms who breast feed will be allowed frequent breaks to pump.

"It's very important to me," said Jinny Schmidt, a working mom.

Breastfeeding is very crucial for working moms.

"It's critical for them to be able to breastfeed," said Angela Quillin, a WIC Director in Lufkin. "I don't know how a teacher would work that into her schedule. Hopefully they'll be given a break."

Now thanks to a new state law, working moms can worry less about taking breaks to pump for breast milk. Quillin explains why this new law is so important.

"You only make as much milk as you take out, so if they don't take out milk regularly throughout the day they'll lose their supply," Quillin said.

Schmidt gave birth recently. She said breastfeeding is more than a preference for her.

"I do it for the bond, and I feel like it's best for my child," Schmidt said.

Experts agree.  Although every mom doesn't breast feed, experts say it's better for the child.

"It's healthier for the baby to breastfeed, but if a mother is going back to work it's important for her to keep her milk supply up. She can't do that without a regular pumping," Quillin said.

"If you stay at home with your child, you can feed on demand. When you're away from her, you have to pump to keep your supply up so someone can feed her while you're away. That's for us working moms," Schmidt said.

Starting September 1, 2015 that will be a thing of the past for Texans. Now hourly and salary employees will be allowed frequent breaks to pump.

"It makes it a lot easier to keep feeding for a longer time," Schmidt said.

The frequent breaks is a win-win situation for babies, moms, and employers.

"The employee wins because the babies are healthier. That means there are fewer days the mom has to be out with a sick baby. The productivity is better," said Quillin.

Schmidt advises mothers who breastfeed to seek a lactation consultant to help through the process. WIC offers consultants to anyone, regardless if you are a WIC client.

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