ETX businesses benefit from lower gas prices

ETX businesses benefit from lower gas prices

The oil industry's recent set back is a set up for success with local businesses. Some East Texas businesses are profiting from low gas prices.

"I put gas in my car every three or four days," Elana Salinas, Marco's Pizza delivery driver said.

That's the reality for some local business employees in East Texas. Recently there has been a sigh of relief, because the price at the pump has taken a dip.

"With lower gas prices I can make more deliveries. At the end of the night I can take home the money I get from tips," Salinas said.

Whether its gas or diesel, many local businesses benefit from lower fuel prices.

"That's one of our main expenses in our company," Craig Teer, Teer Logging Co-Owner said.

Teer said his company used to pay more than $8,000 on diesel alone but now they spend about $5,000. This means a change in cents, is an even bigger change in the company's pockets.

"We cut and haul timber to the mills around East Texas. Two to three thousand dollars is a huge difference," Teer said.

Marco's pizza delivery drivers are also reaping the benefits.

"When gas prices were a lot higher, I usually spend about $50 to $60 in gas. As of now it's about $35 to $45 in gas," Salinas said.

With lower gas prices, comes higher business revenue for local gas stations.

"We're keeping pretty busy, they're keeping me hoping now, I hardly have time to breath," Connie Hudman, Murphy gas station Assistant owner said.

Regardless if you're in the Logging industry, delivering pizza, or you're driving to work, East Texans are taking advantage of the price at the pump.

"People in the oil field don't like it because it hurts them. As far as other individuals, I think it helps us a lot,"Hudman said.

"It's nice to have more money at the end of the day," Salinas said.

According to gas prices have dropped twenty-one cents within a month across Texas.

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