SFA Holds Business Summit

A student's first year at college can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do they have a brand new campus to explore, but for many, a brand new city as well.

On Wednesday, the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce held a business summit. One big goal was to help SFA students become aware of what type of businesses and services are available to them in Nacogdoches.

"This is a good opportunity for them to meet with the people. A lot of times students will come to campus, and because it is our own community they'll just stay on campus. We provide most everything they need, so this is an opportunity to see where all of the local business are and see what's actually out there. A lot of times they don't know, specially their first year." says D'Neese Haddox, the Summit's co-chair.

Students also got a chance to ask questions to business owners and operators about the services they provide and about what other services are available in Nacogdoches.