KTRE celebrates 60th anniversary with Deep East Texas

KTRE celebrates 60th anniversary with Deep East Texas

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - The sun was out, the heat was on and the line was long.

"It was long," said Nacogdoches viewer Ralph Sanders." There must have been a thousand people in that line."

"It was exhausting," exclaimed Redland viewer Sarah Thornhill.

However, for many of KTRE's viewers, the wait was well worth it to be able to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their beloved news station.

"Well it's our favorite channel," Sanders said.

"Oh my God, it's local, it's not like a hundred miles away," said Groveton viewer Barbara Jackson. "KTRE is a big part of my family and my life."

Along with food, music, cold drinks, and bounce houses for the kids, guests were able to tour the station and see how KTRE makes the magic of live news happen.

"Oh, it was an amazing excitement to me," said Central viewer Janet Snyder. "The news room was much different than what I expected."
"Just seeing where they do everything, I thought it was pretty exciting," Thornhill said.

It seemed everyone was even more excited to meet the faces they see on their televisions every day.

"I thought it was fun getting to see the people I see every night," Thornhill said.

"I've taken pictures with the meteorologist and all the anchor people, I loved it," Jackson said.

"Well, I have a few favorites, but I was most excited to meet Cedric today," Snyder said.

However, Saturday wasn't just KTRE's birthday.

"I was twelve-years-old when KTRE started and today is one of my granddaughter's birthdays and she is twelve-years-old," explained Diboll viewer Barbara Sterns. "So I've been watching for sixty years and I pray that she will be watching for the next sixty years."

Today's celebration certainly showed that viewers are as caring, committed and proud of KTRE as it is of East Texas.

"It's really nice seeing that we can come here and y'all treat us kind of like family," Thornhill said.

"Don't go anywhere," Jackson said. "Thanks for being in our lives, not only my life but everybody's life and hey, keep doing what you're doing."

"Sixty years is a long time," Sanders said. "I hope I'm here for your one hundred and twentieth."

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