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Gift of Love: Dillon

Dillon is looking for the Gift of Love Dillon is looking for the Gift of Love
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It was Lego mania as Dillon and me made our way through the Lego exhibit at the Tyler Museum of Art.

This 7th grader is A quiet and reserved pre-teen with an infectious personality.  Dillon does well in school and enjoys taking on new projects is class.  He especially likes P.E. and playing sports.

"Soccer, football and baseball," Dillon said.

One thing Dillon would like to do some day is play football on a real football team.  Dillon says he would likely make a great defensive tackle.  He loves football so much he hopes to make it a career.

"I want to be on Dallas Cowboys," Dillon said.

But first Dillon wants to go to college and play for the Texas Longhorns.

"To meet the Dallas Cowboys team, to get adopted and to just enjoy my life," Dillon said.

He also likes video games, music, and spending time with his friends, and like many boys his age, Dillon enjoys playing games and listening to his IPOD.  Dillon likes a variety of foods and looks forward to sitting down with the family to share a nice meal. 

"Chinese food." 

And what about dessert?

"Peach cobbler," Dillon said.  A la mode of course! 

Dillon is really excited about the possibility of finding a forever family.  He looks forward to having a family to call his own and spending family time together.  Dillon says he would love to go the movies or even on vacation.

"It's another thing in your life that you have to look forward to to get adopted," Dillon said.

Dillon says he would like to have two parents and siblings too!  But most of all Dillon would like a family to show him the Gift of Love.

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