Lufkin Middle School's one-act play featured in state-wide publication

Lufkin Middle School's one-act play featured in state-wide publication

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Middle School's one-act play is receiving recognition from the state level after a successful 2014 showing.

Earlier this week, the University Interscholastic League released its annual publication outlining the rules, regulations, and other important information for schools to follow. The achievement is being credited to theater teacher Teresa Ragland.

"There we were," Ragland said. "I didn't expect it. I hadn't heard back. Then I saw some of the pictures on the UIL Directors Facebook page with some of the other people that submitted so I knew it was going to be tough competition."

The picture was from the school's performance of "Chemical Imbalance." Ragland said the honor is important because it shows what schools can do when they have the funding for art programs at the junior high level.

"It's extremely important," Ragland said. "The arts do so much for our students. For many students, it is a way to connect and to come to school for some kids."

For the beginning students in the program, theater at Lufkin Middle School is a way for students to connect to new faces.

"The best thing is the people that I meet," student Emma Carlile said. "I make a lot of friends. I think it is pretty cool."

For other students, the program is a way for students to be accepted and be themselves.

"When you are in theater, you don't have to act like your someone else," student Peyton Ericson said. "You get to be you."

The school is already hard at work. The students are currently auditioning for roles in the first play of the year, "The Lost Boys."

"This all starts at the elementary level," Ragland said. "I am having sixth graders come in and try out because of musicals they have been in at their previous school. It may be big at the high school, but it starts at the lower level."

"The Lost Boys" and the performance of "Charlotte's Web" premier Nov.20 to 21 at the LMS Auditorium. Show time is 7 p.m.

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