Travel agents say back to school means low travel prices for East Texans

Travel agents say back to school means low travel prices for East Texans

If you're due for a much needed vacation, then you're in luck! Experts say students heading back to school is one reason travel prices have taken a dip.

"We've seen cruise line prices cut in half just because school is back in session," said Kristine Eagle, a travel agent with Holiday Travel.

It's that time of year when kids are heading back to school, and hurricane season is in the forecast. It's also a good time to make travel plans.

"The same great locations, same great cabins to visit, food, for half the price," Eagle said.

Airline and cruise prices are now about 20 percent less from summer prices. Eagle said East Texans should take full advantage.

"Prices are significantly lower between now and Christmas, except for Thanksgiving," Eagle said. "This is a great time of year to travel. Kids are back in school, so the industry is aware that there is less incentive to get out of the house."

Some East Texans have taken notice, and find it very convenient.

"I'm planning to travel to Las Vegas to do a little gambling. I want to travel to Las Vegas because the plan tickets are so low right now," Johnathan Anthony, Traveler said.

And for travelers who are not quite ready, it's a good time to plans for next summer.

"What's good about this time of year is we can start looking at summer already and pricing things out for those vacations for those who do have children that want to travel in the summer," Eagle said.

If you're not using a travel agency, shop around online to find the best deal on travel prices.

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