Huntington 2nd graders given iPads

Huntington 2nd graders given iPads

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Huntington second graders got a surprise on Wednesday when school Principal Melanie Stubblefield announced the students would be getting iPads to use in the classroom.

"We were able to get the iPads through some funding left over at the end of the year, last year," Stubblefield said. "We were wanting to do it for these students like we did for third grade last year."

The school now has an iPad for every second- and third-grade student in the school.

"We can do iStation right now," said teacher Rachel Brown. "Each child can work on that to enhance their reading and math skills. We will not have these out all the time. they will just be a supplement to the book work we have."

The students in Brown's class were the first to get word of the new devices. The students seemed most happy about not having to share.

"You don't have to share and wait a long time for people to get done and you can just go and grab an iPad for an AR test," said student Wriley Lambert said.

Stubblefield said the best part is that it is a one-to-one ratio in the two grades and the workflow will not slow down. She hopes to have more added for other grades later.

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