SURVIVORS: Lufkin family recovers from hit-and-run accident

SURVIVORS: Lufkin family recovers from hit-and-run accident

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas family is still nursing the wounds, both physical and emotional, after a hit and run accident in May that nearly cost them their lives.

"My son hollered, 'Oh my God! Hold on!'"said Margaret Hodge, one of the passengers in the accident. "By the time I looked up, I just saw the truck coming. There was nothing we could do."

The May 31st hit and run accident left four family members with serious injuries.

"I had two cracked ribs. I had bruised ribs, a sprained arm, a hole put in my leg which was an inch deep," Hodge said.

On that life changing ride down Highway 103 East at FM 842, Hodge's son, his expecting girlfriend, and her granddaughter were in the car.

"My granddaughter got out the car some kind of way and was delusional. She was walking right out into traffic," Hodge said.

She was saved by a passerby. Liz Collier, three months pregnant, saved her unborn by a split second decision.

"She was in the front seat in the passenger's seat and said she just grabbed her stomach and put it under the dashboard," Hodge said.

Pains of the impact were paralleled with pain from actions of the other driver involved in the wreck.

"He totaled us out. He got out of his car, looked at us, then took off on foot," Hodge said. "What really hurt me is how can you come over there and see that situation and walk off without knowing if anyone was going to survive it."

Margaret says while fighting to survive, her reason to keep pushing was evident.

"Oh my God this could have been my last night. Who's going to take care of my babies?" Hodge said. "I have custody of six grand kids. I wondered if something were to happen to me what would happen to them."

Today, she watches her grand kids enjoy life or do homework.  The head on collision near McHale St. leaves this on her heart.

"Knowing that I was that close not to have another chance and then to have it, I want to enjoy the time I have left. I want other people to realize to start spending time with your family because you might not have a chance again," Hodge said.

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