Theft Charges Continue For Former County Employees

Three former Nacogdoches County employees and one former public servant were all back in court on felony theft charges. Several cases are related to theft in justice of the peace offices.

Former Nacogdoches County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 clerk Carla Sparks admitted to stealing more than $65,000 from the county. Sparks now has ten years to pay back the money.

District Attorney Stephanie Stephens said, "Obviously, $65,000 is an awful lot of money for the county and we certainly want that money back. In the meantime, she's got a conviction for felony theft and she's going to have to do some jail time."

Sparks was given 180 days in jail. She'll serve the first 30 days on weekends. If she cant' stay up with her restitution payments she'll go back to jail for the remaining 150 days.

Some other former Nacogdoches County J-P servants and employees are also facing felony theft charges.

Right now, Former J-P for Precinct One Hubert Johnson wants to argue his charges before a jury. His trial date is set for April 18th.

The precinct's former chief clerk Jeanese Murdock is planning to do the same. Separate trials will be held. If no plea develops there will be a jury selection on April 18th for one of the two defendants.

Meanwhile, another former clerk from the Cushing office Jill Lunsford waits for her May trial.

Yet another former Nacogdoches County employee is working out a plea for felony theft. Angie King, the former sheriff's secretary is needing more time to gather up $57,000 to pay back the county. Conditions of her plea will be heard on March 17th.

King is accused of stealing from various accounts including one that held payments for 'Columbia Shuttle'... commemorative t-shirts.