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02/25/05 - Lufkin

Abortion, "The Silent Cry"

by Jessica Cervantez

At the age of 19, Paula Havard was a student at SFA, facing an unplanned pregnancy. Paula's family taught abstinence, and she made an emotional decision to have an abortion. 16 years later, she still thinks about it.

"I did go through some pretty intense counseling to help me deal with those emotions, just to find out that I'm not alone in the way that I feel," said Havard, the executive director of the Pregnancy HELP Medical Center.

The Lufkin center is a place where people thinking about having an abortion can go to talk and educate themselves. Paula wants people to know, she has been there and she can help.

"I know what I experienced was the pure shock factor of what happened that day. The memory and the nightmares that came back from that day alone, I was totally at 19-years-old totally unprepared."

Havard said, after nightmares and emotional distress, she underwent intense counseling. But, she's learning more and more people right here in East Texas have had abortions than you might think. Today, when you ask the mother of two if is she regrets her decision, she says "yes."

If you are facing some tough decisions about a pregnancy and need help you can contact the Pregnancy HELP Medical Center at (936)-632-9292 located at 110 South Bynum in Lufkin.

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