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02/25/05 - Lufkin

Coach Gets Pie In Face For Reward

by Jessica Cervantez

There is nothing like getting pied in the face. That is exactly what one Slack Elementary PE teacher had the pleasure of facing seven pies to his face. That is because Slack Elementary raised thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association.

The students are giving each other a pat on the back for raising more than $4,000 for the American Heart Association, during their jump rope for heart fundraiser.

Coach Bruce Runnels said, "The money goes to studies, surveys, and teaching people to have a healthy heart."

So for their reward, the top sellers in each grade get to throw a pie in Coach Runnels face, and the kids were loving it. While it was fun and games, even two other coaches got in on the fun, there is a serious message behind it all. The coaches want to encourage the kids to be healthy.

Runnels said, "If we can reach them at and early age, they can learn to maintain a healthy weight during rest of life."

Who knows what the coaches will come up with next year, but as long as it gets the kids motivated, Coach Runnels says it's worth it.

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